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Gossip Culture… Horses Run Wild

TiltAdmin on November 30, 2010 - 5:30 pm in Uncategorized

Get your Tuesday started the right way… a little bit of a picker-upper to get you in the best of moods. Ryan Sheridan is a multi-instrumentalist and the brains behind Gossip Culture. Lucky for us he has just released a new single, “Horses Run Wild” and it’s a guaranteed hit! The track has an indie-pop flow with hints of upbeat disco. With a combination like this and an artist as talented as Ryan behind it, you won’t be disappointed. In late November, Gossip Culture became a part of the fast-growing label and artist collective known as Girlfriend Records. They knew that adding him to the dance music-influenced label was the RIGHT decision. Show Gossip Culture the love and appreciation he deserves… Check him out on Facebook and Myspace and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more great tracks from him!

Gossip Culture – Horses Run Wild by Gossip Culture

Here’s a little something extra! One of my personal faves by Gossip Culture, “People Talk,” is an all around chill song that you can vibe out to no matter what you are doing whether it’s just kicking back and reading, hanging out with some friends or living it up and having the night of your life… it’s such a versatile song! Enjoy!

Gossip Culture – People Talk (ft. Hazel Odin) by Gossip Culture

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