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Mansions on the Moon // Skrillex

TiltAdmin on November 3, 2010 - 4:00 pm in Uncategorized

Everyday that I listen to Mansions on the Moon aka MotM, the more I’m getting hooked. Maybe its the fact the mixtape (I posted here) has been playing in my car all week. Maybe its the catchy melodies, or maybe its the fact i’ve been waiting for a group like this to drop these dream pop with style! It’s probably a combination of all the above. I thought I should give them an extra push on TILT and I very much STRONGLY SUGGEST that you at least give two of my favorite tracks on the new mixtape (mixed by Diplo)a good listen. Trust me on this one. Play this for your chick and she’ll melt in your arms. Definitely some tuneage that moves the soul to the core.

Mansions on the Moon – She Makes Me Feel

Satellite (MotM x Deadmau5) by Mansions on the Moon

I’m totally vibin with this new Dream Dub that DJA of Mad Decent dropped. Heavy and soft at the same time. Sounds like a dancefloor heater to me.

This Life (DJA Mad Decent Remix) by Mansions on the Moon

Where do I start with Skrillex AKA Sonny Moore. You gotta respect a guy who isn’t afraid to rock different styles on an album. Dubstep to glitchy, upbeat, Trance-House. Skrillex isn’t really classifiable but in this time in Dance Music I think its a really good thing. Why keep yourself in a box only rocking one style when you can megablast everyone with a diverse eclectic style. The dood is on fire with his crispy clean production. One thing is for sure about Skrillex. He knows how to get your emotions into the music no matter what style he rocks. I bet the doods live shows kill. We’ll def be keeping you posted on this guy for SURE! Please add Skrillex on facebook HERE and buy his new album HERE.

Skrillex – All I Ask of You (with Penny)

Skrillex – With Your Friends (Long Drive)

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  • November 5, 2010

    I agree about skrillex but I think this eclectic sound is a very recent development for him. All his old pop fixes use the same samples over and over. I really dig that he’s branching out. All i ask of you is pretty uninspired but with your friends is a keeper. It sounds like he’s remixing a grum track or something. Brilliant!