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New Releases from L.A. Producers: LAZRTAG // Them Jeans // Dan Sena

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Some of our favorite Los Angeles California producers have been at work in the studio churning out some new tunes for this winter and we have the goods for ya. A little something to keep you warm for the cold weeks ahead. All of these are very upbeat dance tracks that we know you are going to love.

LAZRtag is BACK, and in a big way! If you haven’t heard of Luvtek and Addison the duo who make up LAZRTAG, your in for a treat. Be prepared to be over come with high energy electro with warm synths, hard beats, with an big room feel! Their new track has to be one of my favorite from them to date. Can’t wait to hear more from these two!

LAZRtag – It s Only a Game by LAZRtag

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (LAZRtag Remix – Dub Version) by LAZRtag

Another one of our favorites from L.A. Them Jeans has taken the hit single “Hold On” from Rusko’s album O.M.G. and has switched up the original dubstep style to a more smooth minimal house style but he’s done it with class. He kept all the melodic vocals intact and rode out the rhythm and chords of the original piano in the track. Making his remix fucking GOLDEN! Hands down this is the best remix of this song I’ve heard yet! Big ups to our man Them Jeans. Visit him on facebook here and let him know what you think.

Rusko-Hold On (Them Jeans remix) by Them Jeans

Last but not least we have an original tune from Dan Sena. I’ve been totally diggin his direction in dance music lately. Dan Gives us a serious dose of Disco with this new tune and does it proper! The song is called Banana Split. When this tune drops one minute into the track I can’t help but think of all those good times back in the days when DJ AM (Rest in Power) would rock Banana Split Sundae at LAX. Such good times. This ones for you AM…

Banana Split (Levelz) by Dan Sena

Updated Link:
Dan Sena – Banana Split (Levelz)

Be sure to give Dan Sena some love on facebook here and try to catch one of his DJ sets. The guys is fire behind the decks.

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  • December 30, 2010

    wow. I have a tendency to be so late on music. But, damn all threee tracks so dope. Thanks for the post. Just saying.