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Discohands Joins TILTmag // New Remix: Anoraak + We Have Band

TiltAdmin on December 23, 2010 - 5:00 pm in Uncategorized

What better way to make an introduction as the newest member of TILTMAG than by blogging about one of your favorite artists? Hello folks, I’m Julius AKA Parrots Nest AKA the guy who ran DISCOHANDS. As I haven’t had time to keep DISCOHANDS updated with the best of the electro realm due to the busy hectic trials of my daily life (total exaggeration), but hey.. why do something alone when you can be part of a team?

Moving on..

Now I get to bring you some awesome synth-laced goodness from one of Valerie Collective’s finest, Anoraak. Anoraak gives his special treatment to We Have Band’s ‘Love, What You Doing?’, making it all so ethereal, perfectly matching my mid Winter “ugh.. Winter” mood. Speaking of Winter, I feel it’s only necessary to throw in one of my favorite Anoraak remixes, Anoraak’s Christmas Remix of Sally Shapiro’s ‘Anorak Christmas’. Whoa!

WE HAVE BAND – Love what you doing? (Anoraak remix) by anoraak

So glad to be back contributing to the electro music scene, it feels good.. I’m looking forward to bringing all you peeps some mind-blowing music from here on out. I’m still working on scraping all this rust off my blogging digits.

Sally Shapiro – Anorak Christmas (Anoraak’s Christmas Remix)

Anoraak – Don’t Be Afraid ft. Sally Shapiro (Alternative Version)

As seems to be the blogging protocol, pay Anoraak a visit on his myspace, buy up his goodies here, and send We Have Band and Sally Shapiro some love as well. I only wish I could delivery my love to Sally Shapiro in person…

Parrots Nest AKA Julius

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