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Featured Artist: Of Porcelain

TiltAdmin on December 15, 2010 - 10:58 pm in Featured

As the clouds roll in from the shore and the cold chill of winter sets in I can’t help but to feel somber and reminiscent of the winters past. Times like these call for some deep, melodic, chill and smooth IDM. Ooah of Glitch Mob has started a side project called Of Porcelain that has very much impressed me. From what I’ve heard of this new project it has a way of touching the soul of an individual without ever getting to intense. I really haven’t heard such deep IDM since I last posted Telefon Tel Aviv. (Posted Here) I strongly suggest you check this out if you love IDM or if you like Glitch Mob and what they have been crankin out. It’s like the softer side of Giltch Mob. Totally vibin of this. Can’t wait to hear more. Here are a few of my favorite tracks.


Of Porcelain – Signal The Captain

Be sure to support this amazing group and pick up their album here! They even give you the option to name your price. Pretty damn cool if you ask me! Also be sure to give them some love on facebook here and let them know what you think!

Mike Woodward

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