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Rusko – I Turn The Lights (Down) // DJ Fresh – Lastitude (Dillon Francis Remix)

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I’ve always been about feel good music, but most of the darker grime Dubstep has been becoming more and more popular. I’m here to bring some balance to this situation, cause there is nothing like a smooth talkbox over melodic feel good synths to a Dubstep tune. Nobody can do this better then my man Rusko! I recently posted a Mixtape from last year (posted here) not to long ago for one of our mixtape mondays. We got a huge response from it and a lot of people were asking what the name of the last tune on that mix was and where they could get it. Well the tune hasn’t been released and we are not too sure if it will be. If Rusko is listening I hope he hears us! This tune is hands down one of our favorite tunes and we hope you release this soon! Everything in this tune rocks anything Deadmau5 could ever do. I bet Deadmau5 listens to this song everyday wishing he could rock a Dubstep beat this hard, yet so smooth! What do you guys think! Let us know! #Teamrusko

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Rusko – I Turn The Lights Down (Preview)

As you all may know DJ Fresh is one of our favorite artists of the year. We totally love his new album (posted here)and really anything that the guy touches. Recently a L.A. Dubstep named Dillon Francis stepped up to the challenge of remixing the single “Lastitube” in Westcoast Fashion. Mr. Francis has knocked this one out of the fucking park. This jam has been on repeat since I first heard it a few days ago and I now I go through withdrawals if I don’t play it at least twice every 12 hours! This is the kind of beat you crave and can’t stop playing! Try it for yourself!

DJ Fresh – Lastitude (Dillon Francis Remix) by DILLONFRANCIS

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