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Kid Infinity 3D LIVE Show In Los Angeles // Cetera – 8017 Del Boca Vista EP

TiltAdmin on January 27, 2011 - 3:45 pm in Nightlife

February 5th at the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, electro-punk/hip-hop duo Kid Infinity kicks it off again with his second 3D show. First show took place at local Los Angeles venue The Smell in late August of last year which was widely received and sold out. Kid Infinity wowed the crowd with his 3D technology originally meant for Micheal Jackson’s Farewell Tour and is out to do it again. Lined up also is the electronic maniacs Captain Ahab, along with Ben Oprstu and party rappers The 87 Stick Up Kids. Show’s 21+ and presale tickets are $10. I highly recommend buying your tickets now and get ready to experience 3D the way it was meant to be….LIVE. This IS the must see show of the year. Be sure to also RSVP and hit up his Twitter account for more info. People love feedback. Nothing but love to MFG x Danceism for putting together such an eclectic and amazing lineup!

“If this shit was any fresher it wouldn’t exist yet.

Thankfully, it does.” – Wizard Combat

If there is anything in life I am absolutely sure about it’s that there are millions of talented artist in the world waiting to be heard and no truer words can be said about the SHIZZ community. One of the forum members I met in early 2010 was Cetera while we attending a band gathering in downtown Phoenix but who knew the dude made music and catchy music at that? He dropped an EP last week titled 8017 Del Boca Vista and it’s amazing. Not only does the first track, titled Metrosexual, have good lyrics but the beat alone can make the most stiffest person move. The album is very 80’s/videogame inspired which drew me in instantly. The EP is only $5 and you can check it out HERE. He definitely has a great sound and am looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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    Random Citizens also added to the bill.

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    thanks so much for the note!
    working on great things right now!