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Mixtape Monday Feat. DJ Dan

TiltAdmin on January 24, 2011 - 5:15 pm in TiltMag Mixtape Series

I was 18 and loving house music back in 1998-1999. Going to show after show in L.A. to catch that House Music Buzz and I’ve been hooked ever since. One of the very first mixtapes I got that was on a steady repeat was this amazing classic mix from DJ Dan! He did this URB Mix Vol.2 back in 1997 and I got a hold of it because I was an avid URB Magazine reader back then. The Magazine that understood my musical taste and love for Dance Music. Much love URB!

So, funny story about this mix. I must have listened to it over 200 times and I knew the thing inside and out. I love every damn track on this mix. Simply AMAZING! Well one Halloween I decided to hit UCSB, it had to be 2001-2002 and the parties on Del Playa were and always have been off the hook. I can only describe it as so pack its like when you are leaving Disneyland at the end of the night. How its just jam packed full of people moving all in one direction. HUNDREDS of drunk people going from house to house doors wide open. Every house and apt has a keg and College students geting wasted. This particular house on the beach had this DJ goin, and I heard one of the tracks off this URB Mix Vol 2…. Then the next track played and it was the same mix….I look at this DJ pretending to DJ with 2 decks and a mixer. Has the crowed PUMPED! 500 plus people in this little back yard. JAM PACKED. I went up to him and was like nice mixing man… But this is a premade mix by DJ Dan man. Stop pretending. The dood was like “how did u know” i’m like cause I’m a DJ and I know this mix. One of the best Mixes known to man. Sadly the guy persuaded me to not say anything with a bottle of Patron and we kept the party going. Heh. Well, it was a good time to say they least and I got to hear my favorite mix over a really big PA. Fuck it.

Lets move on to the goods!

1 Boogie Star Davenport, Knapp 6:33
2 Disco Recovery [Tranquil Elephantizer Mix] DJ Shakra, Kedros 4:51
3 Talkin’ About the Power [Groove Rider Mix] 7:27
4 Central Park Candelario 7:28 *RECOMMENDED
5 Indoctrinate [Way Out West ’96 Remix] Prins 4:01
6 Radiate [Electroliners Remix] Clayden, Grimley 2:59
7 Party [Rock Da Party Mix] Carrone 5:22
8 Ha Ha Caputo 5:43
9 Kick up the Volume [Electroliners Mix] 4:23
10 Bell-Tup Hibrid, Mike E 3:10
11 Bounce Casaglia, Fabbroni, Scalamera 3:42
12 Planet Acid Newton 1:13
13 Ghetto Train Hopkins, Wherett 4:01
14 Rampant Prankster [Carl Cox’s Jumper Remix] 5:00
15 Search [Armand’s Pu-Tang Mix] Dobre, Jamez 4:28
16 They Don’t Know Cooper 3:09

Download this album and let us know what you think. It’s hands down our favorite house mix of all time. If you have a house mix thats better let us know! We would love to hear this challenge!

Mike Woodward

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