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New Disco from Chilly Gonzales & Señor Stereo

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Sorry TILT hasn’t given you any T & A lately but today we have you covered. The new Chilly Gonzales video and single “You Can Dance” has plenty of it teamed up with some great new amazing new Disco production from Chilly himself and Boyz Noise. This song brings us all back to the days of Roller Rinks and Afro Wigs! I’m totally diggin this vibe. This is feel good music! Being Tiga’s brother you know Chilly had to come correct. He’s known a piano virtuoso and a musical genus, as well as holding a few world records. Find out more about this very unique artist here. Also be sure to buy his new album here and check out his full length film coming to a town near you!

Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance by Arts & Crafts

Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance (Gemini Club Remix) by Big Dog Media

The Disco awakening has begun and Señor Stereo is leading this dance pack straight to the dancefloor! Señor Stereo has teamed up with L.A.’s very own Discobelle Miss Louisahhh!!! and the combo of the two together on a track are keeping things very orgasmic in the dance world. What an excellent collabo! Pick up the original on itunes here! and look out for the remix album from Slow Roast Records. There are some superstars on these remixes including Treasure Fingers, U-Tern, Craze, Nadastrom, and Gigamesh! Do not sleep on this!

Señor Stereo – I am the Beat (ft. Louisahhh!!!) (preview) by Señor Stereo

Señor Stereo
-Unintentional feat. Danny Daze (Craze’s Quiet Storm Mix) by CRAZE


Señor Stereo –
Unintentional feat. Danny Daze (U-Tern Remix)

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