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ŤЭKSŤ // Levphonic ….. New Music :]

TiltAdmin on January 23, 2011 - 6:41 pm in Uncategorized

Sunday funday.. hip hop style. A little bit of feel good music for all of you to kick back and relax to on this beautiful Sunday afternoon :] ŤЭKSŤ is a musical genius when comes to producing sick ass hip hop tracks. Talk about San Francisco’s FINEST! Each song has a smooth flow that is perfect for any mood. His unique style will capture your attention and have you yearning for more. I can bet you that you won’t be able to just listen to one song. I’m pretty much addicted myself. Get ready to bookmark his SoundCloud

Contact by ŤЭKSŤ

Mines by ŤЭKSŤ

First Choice by ŤЭKSŤ

I know I know. You’re probably thinking that it can’t get any better than the aforementioned… but it does! Levphonic, from California and signed to Velvet Music Group, has an amazing style that can’t be ignored. Its chillout music to the max, in the best way possible. His songs create the perfect vibe and even though they’re slow paced, each one has an undeniable positive flow that is unstoppable. You’ll be feelin on point in no time. Mike Davis (Levphonic) is beyond talented… Show him some love and hit up his SoundCloud or Facebook. FOLLOW. FOLLOW. FOLLOW. You won’t be disappointed.

At Night (Levphonic’s Starshine Mix) by Levphonic

Heavenly Bodies by Levphonic

Red Dawn by Levphonic

Have a great day everyone!!!! Each one of these tracks will only add to your already positive vibes, guaranteed…

Alexandra :]

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