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Happy Valentines Day! TILTmag PREMIERE! Futurecop! & Keenhouse – DREAMS!

TiltAdmin on February 14, 2011 - 3:46 pm in TiltMag Exclusives

Happy Valentines Day from the TILT fam EVERYONE and for this Valentines Day we have something real special for you! A TILTmag.com PREMIERE! A new release from one of our favorite labels BINARY! Futurecop! and Keenhouse have come together for a collabo and we are way proud to present this epic Dreamwave masterpiece to our TILTmag.com readers. The new song “Dreams” has some major positive vibes and will totally guide your woman into your arms today Valentines day. Maybe even in slow motion0….on the beach even?

Futurecop! – Dreams (ft. Keenhouse) by Binary Records

This song is hands down our favorite song by Fururecop! or Keenhouse to date! These guys have really set the bar high for Dreamwave and have executed this track with emotional and vintage precision. Both Artists have a very unique vintage 80’s-90’s sound to their synth programs and New Wave style but they have reinvented the sound to make it more dance friendly for the clubs and people in todays era. These guys are definitely one of a kind and when you get them together in the studio it looks like they know how to turn out some serious Synth Pop! I really hope they plan on doing more songs together! We’ll be sure to keep you readers updated if they do!

Be sure to pick up the original new single HERE! Also be sure to check out a few of these remixes by O’Dahl, Show Your Shoe and Ride The Universe! Binary is hooking it up with a few DJ FRIENDLY, free downloads, so be sure to grab these while you can!

Futurecop! (ft. Keenhouse) – Dreams (Ride The Universe Remix) by Binary Records

Futurecop! (ft. Keenhouse) – Dreams (Show Your Shoe Remix) by Binary Records

Futurecop! (ft. Keenhouse) – Dreams (ODahl Remix) by Binary Records

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