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Everyday – Rusko *Netsky Remix* // Twista Vs We Bang – I Do Dubstep DOSVEC Remix

TiltAdmin on March 23, 2011 - 5:48 pm in Uncategorized

Alrighty so I want to make this sweet and straight to the point…

This new Netsky Remix of “Everyday” by Rusko is straight fire! I heard it last night and new i had to share immediately. Its only about six hours old and already has 116 hearts on SoundCloud

Wow! To be honest I’m speechless! I’ve had this song on straight repeat and i still can’t get enough. It’s one of THE best electronic songs I’ve heard in awhile. The build up isn’t overwhelming and when the song drops you’ll be wishing you were hearing it live! Is it just me or does it seems as though some of the best remixes are produced form Rusko songs! The single is out April 15th so be ready!

Here is the soundcloud link Everyday – Rusko *Netsky Remix
Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix)

Yeeeee WOMP! WOMP! WOMP! I love dirty dubstep beats that make me want to get up and dance! That pretty much sums up how I feel when I listen to “I Do Dubstep” Twista vs. We Bang the DOSVEC Mashup. This song kills! I don’t tend to like mashups so when I heard this song I freaked out and had to share it with you guys. Its definitely one of the best mashups I’ve ever heard!

Twista Vs We Bang – I Do Dubstep (DOSVEC Remix)


Alexandra 🙂

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