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Queen Of Hearts Freestyle Krusha Remix Vs Ephixa Charlie Sheen Dub//Remix

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As you all know by now I’ve personally been feeling the smoother side of Dubstep. There is always room for grime but when a Dubstep song has more melody and deep synths that can move the soul with a touch of grime it always seems to work out a bit better for everyone! One of my favorite upcoming producers Krusha knows how to do just that with his new release he turned out for Pop sensation Queen of Hearts. The woman lead vocals matched with Krusha’s epic production has turned this into an instant classic. Drop this on the dancefloor dj’s and watch the crowd fucken lose it! DJ FRIENDLY DOWNLOAD!

QUEEN of HEARTS vs KRUSHA – Freestyle by krusha

Be sure to give the hommie Krusha some love on his Facebook HERE and be sure to also check out his Soundcloud HERE for new releases which he seems to be crankin out monthly!

and now we give you Charlie Sheen

Good ol’ Charlie seems to have got himself in a mess or has he. He is the most talked about man besides Obama or even shitty republicans. It’s sad we all seem to want to know about this mans wild life. He opens up, like we all want and ask, then the popular media prosecutes the man on live TV. The average man dreams that one day we can all live like Charlie Sheen for a few days, or even a few years, but you see we can never grasp what this man has lived through. The wild 80’s and 90’s parties and he’s still rockin harder then ever. Even has a few multiple beautiful women by his side. Lets not try to hate on the man too much, he might shut down and stop giving us the truth. Then we couldn’t enjoy remixes like this awesome mix that Ephixa has put together from a few samples of his recent interview. GO!

Video by Going Quantum.

Ephixa – Charlie Sheen Dub

After doing some Ephixa research I found that I really enjoy his production. Be sure to check out these gems below. These Canadians really know how to knock out some really good Dubstep. Don’t underestimate the north! Give Ephixa some love on his Facebook or his Soundcloud HERE!

Relax by ephixa

Sierra Leone – Mt Eden Dubstep (Ephixa Remix) by ephixa

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  • July 18, 2011

    Sheen has since become a prominent advocate of the 9/11 Truth movement, it is one of the reason why this remix

  • November 7, 2011

    Charlie sheen was an excellent in this serie, I don’t like the new actor, I want sheen back…

  • November 18, 2011

    I love the picture of Charlie above with the girl, he is my favorite actor, it is a shame that he is no more in this series…