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Rupart Parks AKA Photek has been in the music game for sometime now. Clearly over 20 years of great music and amazing sounds. I’ve personally had the chance to see him live a few times in Los Angeles. The first time being when he played Bassrush for his release of AGE OF EMPIRES on MDZ 04 (Metalheadz) one of my favorite all time Drum N Bass albums of all time. Straight Epic and it sounds like Photek is at it again dropping some serious new business on us! You can only expect the best from this high caliber artist. With his new release Avalanche he has brought back some of his older styles before the glory days of Drum N Bass. There are various styles Photek really rocks on this album. His racks have a touch of Downtempo Lounge paired well with a solid dance 120bpm. I definitely love getting a fresh new album that takes you on a ride of various styles. Perfect for a nice and sunny Sunday.

101 – (clip from Benji B’s Radio 1 show 25.11.2010) by Photek

101 [Clip] by Photek

101 – Boddika’s Drum Machine Mix [clip] by Photek

This City [Clip] by Photek

SLOWBURN : Download free at www.photek.fm by Photek

If you live in L.A. keep your eyes open for Photek playing locally. He is originally from the UK but he has lived in Los Angeles for the last 10 years. He’s been known to drop Exclusive sets for Media Contender, Muse, Respect, and Bassrush. Trust me you will love his performance, this is one Producer / DJ who knows how to drop some never heard in your life tunes that have been locked in a vault for 10 years! TRUST! Check out a recorded mix from one of those shows on Media Contender HERE! Big ups to the homies from Meida Contender and Muse for capturing this greatness. This shit definitely is taken me back. I can say I was one of the lucky one in the crowd with my 805 crew! Boh!

Be sure to give Photek some love on his Facebook HERE or on Soundcloud HERE. Also be sure to pick up a few Classic Albums from Photek on itunes HERE

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