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12th Planet Coachella 2011 // Jack Beats – Up All Night Feat. John B (Skream Dubstep Remix)

TiltAdmin on April 26, 2011 - 3:00 pm in Nightlife

Flashback to Coachella 2011 one week ago, 12th Planet was destroying the Coachella Sahara Tent with some quality new tunes and a few classics. I have to let you all know how great it felt having L.A.’s best up on stage killing it. I’ve been a long time supporter of John aka Infiltrata AKA 12th planet over the last 10 years without hesitation . This is one DJ who deserved to rock such a huge crowd of music lovers who wanted more and MORE DUBSTEP! 12th Planet had the whole fucking tent chanting and knew how to hype the crowd right, by jumping off the decks to jumping into the crowd for a bit of surfing. Hands down this was one of my favorite sets of all time. My favorite moment is when he brought out Lil Jinder to do the song he remixed with Flinch (Posted HERE) or when he brought out Skrillex to bang out their new tune they have done together, the crowd went nuts. Right when I thought I was going to get a breather 12th Planet dropped it on me. The “UP ALL NIGHT” Dubstep REMIX!

This is an original fucking tune by John B released on one of my favorite labels Metalheadz. To hear it remixed in a Dubstep fashion really got me fucken hype and got me feelin all old skool! Resurrected from the dead, this song deserved one more spin! As soon as I got home I researched and found that it just dropped last week, and that Jack Beats and Skream hooked up this amazing tune!

Jack Beats ‘Up All Night’ feat John B (Skream Remix) (CHEAP033) by stholdings

Jack Beats ‘Up All Night’ feat John B (Skream Remix)

With 12th Planets set burned in my head forever as one of the best DJ sets in Coachella history I thought I should share a bit of the experience with you. You can’t touch this fucking vibe!

I have to emphasize how you all DO NOT WANT TO MISS 12th Planet in your hometown. This dude rocks a mean ass set, and his sets are flawless every fucking time. Don’t sleep on this shit. Wake UP! This is one DJ/Producer I’m proud of, one who reps L.A. real propa, someone we truly respect, and has earned it by each DJ set he’s rocked in the last 10 years. From a crowd of 200 back in the days, from TEKDBZ at the Vanguard Rocking 2,00o Peeps, to 20,000 at Coachella now. Congrats homie. Keep bangin dem tunes.

Mike Woodward

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  • April 26, 2011

    guy looks like roy hibbert from the indiana pacers