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80a Madonna Remixed // Girls Just Want To Have Fun Remix

TiltAdmin on April 24, 2011 - 3:00 pm in Uncategorized

Madonna is forever timeless and the music she made in the 80’s has to be some of my personal fav. It defines an era where girls just wanted to have fun, and when big synths where coming into their own. I’ve recently come to find a few singles that have been remixed and revamped by some of today’s hot producers.

Holiday is a jam that just doesn’t need to be remixed, but to hear someone take it on and make it a bit more up to date is pretty cool. Check out this DJ Friendly remix.

Holiday (Dubtronic Alexander 2010 Version)

Our L.A. heros Classixx took on Lucky Star! There is nothing like a Classixx spin on a legendary track like this. I can only hope that Madonna herself hears this remix. Can I get Madonna on a Classixx tune please!? Something as legendary and epic as Michael McDonald and Holy Ghost! doing that amazing collabo on their new album? I can only hope Madonna hears our prayers.

CLASSIXX – Fortunate Star

Last but not least , I didn’t hear about Starfucker until the mixtape that Edwin van Cleef dropped on us this month. I was pleasantly supprised to hear someone cover “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” a ladies anthem that still plays on dancefloors worldwide. If you want to get your lady in the mood to dance or party, play her this well put together cover.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun by starfucker_usa

Mike Woodward

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