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On A Train With Yuksek + The Magician!

TiltAdmin on April 26, 2011 - 2:59 pm in Uncategorized

Last June when Aeroplane announced their split I was far from pleased, as a combination, Vito & Stephen have created a plethora of outstanding originals and equally splendid remixes that set alight the world’s disco floors. It’s now April 26th and I can firmly say that I have had a change of heart. Vito has continued to raise the Aeroplane bar, particularly with his Human League remix whilst Stephen Fasano has morphed into THE MAGICIAN. The latest bunny out of the hat is Stephen’s remix of ‘On A Train’ for the French producer Yuksek which transforms the original into a rigid dancefloor dazzler, this, along with remixes for the Australian whizz Beni and of course Lykke Li cement The Magician’s status as one of the slickest producers around!

Yuksek “On A Train” (The Magician Remix) by TheMagician

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Beni “It’s a Bubble” The Magician Remix by TheMagician

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  • July 11, 2011

    interesting I never hear about this, however this is not a new theme in the world, and thanks to you, I was illuminated for the knowledge light!!!