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Reach’n Out – Japan Relief Compilation

TiltAdmin on April 16, 2011 - 2:00 pm in Uncategorized

Okie dokie so I have something pretty awesome for you guys. A few days ago a friend messaged me and asked if I would share this special compilation with all of you. He explained the story behind it and I was immediately taken over by a sense of extreme excitement. If you missed the Low End Loves Japan Benefit show that I previously wrote about, or if that simply wasn’t your thing… here’s another chance to get in on some action that will support Japan. This Reach’n Out Compilation features 16 new // unreleased tracks from artists like Geisha Twins, The Phantoms Revenge, Quinten 909, Sedat The Turkish Avenger, Justin Faust, Magna, White Girl Lust, Meroz, MyKill, Pat Lok, and more! I have listened to each song and believe me it is definitely worth purchasing! It’s a “name your price” sort of deal with a minimum price of $5.00. ALL of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross in support of Japan. Have a listen and if it’s something you like… DONATE DONATE DONATE!!!


1. Quinten 909 – You_re My Friend 05:08
2. Pat Lok – Fyah! 04:56
3. MyKill – I Need You 05:31
4. The Troubadour Pariah – Last Man Standing(Freak You remix) 05:12
5. White Girl Lust – Kakekomi 07:21
6. JNL & A. Ives (Get Famous!) – Slip Away 05:14
7. Freak You – From Nowhere (Justin Faust Remix) 05:17
8. Galactik Knights – Glitch 04:53
9. Free Magic – So Fo Real 08:18
10. Magna – Simple Things 05:30
11. Dominic Pierce – You & Me (Dancefloor) 03:12
12. Meroz – Heart Ache 06:07
13. Sedat The Turkish Avenger – Take Me Ce Soir 05:31
14. The Phantom’s Revenge & So Gold – Toasted 05:25
15. Geisha Twins – Promise Me 06:30
16. Automatic & Silk – Keep Holding On To The Dream 07:40

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