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Songs For Saturday’s … Lifelike // Mustang // Le Prix // Dances With White Girls

TiltAdmin on April 16, 2011 - 2:00 pm in Uncategorized

If you’re reading this you’re most likely NOT in Indio right now at one of the biggest music events taking place this year. So for all ten of you who AREN’T at Coachella Valley Music Festival (as if i need to write the whole name) and are either wishing you were and silently cursing the people who are, or if you simply weren’t feeling it this year, I thought I would hit you with some new remixes that are definitely noteworthy. I picked these tracks because they are perfect for a bright and warm sunny saturday, no matter what the occasion is. I’m sure they’ll give you just as much auditory pleasure as they gave me..

MUSTANG, long time DJ Renaud Deru and new comer Andy Faisca, getting down with two new remixes for you. Their take on Monarchy’s “I Won’t Let Go” is UHHHMAZING! I can’t stop hitting the play button! I cannot believe that these two are unsigned… A label needs to snag them before its too late!!

Monarchy: I Won’t Let Go (Mustang Remix) by Mustang (Official)

Golden Bug – Sex Beat (Mustang Instru Remix) by Mustang (Official)

Le Prix, coming to you all the way from Stockholm, Sweden… this track is the best definition of my perfect summer, beach bound song!

DW РNine Lives (Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix Remix) by LE PRIX

I’ve said this before and I will continue to say it until the end of time, or until the end of my time at least… Lifelike has got to be one of the most talented artists around in this day and age. I cannot get enough of his music. Even before I heard I knew I would love it, and sure enough…

MOBY – “The Day” – LIFELIKE remix |Radio Edit] by LIFELIKE

Okay so all of the aforementioned songs are pretty similar as far as the feel and genre, but this last track is a bit more …. HARD! Dances With White Girls knows how to put together a sick ass remix. This song makes me want to party…

Everytime i De De Dances (chris brown look at me now dwwg edit) by danceswithwhitegirls


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