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Zombie Disco Squad Woo Hoo Mix // Pinky and The Brain EP Preview

TiltAdmin on April 14, 2011 - 3:00 pm in Uncategorized

I haven’t been listening to these guys long, but they have given me reason to not let them be ignored in the future, I really love how playful and interactive their mix is, reminds me of when I was 15 hanging out with the small circle of people who were open to new music, listening to our DJ buddy spin records for us, and being blown away at the sound of something constructed for our pressence and appreciation, a must download for anyones house party, or road trip…..

ZDS Woo Hoo Mix by Zombie Disco Squad

Now to the bigger part; The Pinky and The Brain EP, I absolutely love these 2 tracks! Don’t let the tittle be your deciding factor though, nothing much to do here with the old Warner Bros. cartoon of the same name……

MTP38 Zombie Disco Squad – Pinky (CLIP) by Made to Play

MTP38 Zombie Disco Squad – The Brain (CLIP) by Made to Play

Pinky: I go nuts when that double bass drops, and the African vocals roll in, just good clean house, plain and simple……
The Brain: More Bass-Ovaltine PLEASE!!!! Such an AUDIO-GASM! and the sneaky synth line they drop in here and there transports me back to Zombie’s Ate My Neighbors on SNES. Love the sounds!


“Some of the most exciting producers out there” — Jesse Rose

“The Zombies use that rare combination of hip-hop and house
that I am always searching for. ” – Claude Vonstroke

Lucas Hunter & Nat Self are Zombie Disco Squad; the multi-talented production duo
 that are taking house music in a new direction. Taking influences from a wide collection of music from Classic House to Crunk via disco and Street music from Brazil . You won’t find any cheesy gimmicks in their records but what you will find are tracks played by some of the most influential DJ’s and clubs around the globe.

They made their name with regular 
mixtapes, which toured the globe via the internet and had a string of internet ‘hits 
(10,000 downloads for the track “Straight Boy“). Influenced by Weird percussion,
foreign languages and jacking music.

2010 saw them release a plethora of great records including their King Kong Ep, a remix of the house classic percolator by Cajmere, and an outstanding remix of Jam Tech Foundation, not to mention Uffie’s “Something MC’s can kiss”

2011 is looking to be another great year for the boys – with a brand new EP dropping in march on made to play , a new remix on Dirty bird out which is already getting heat (Munnibrotherz – Moon Chon Chayoh) and plans for a lot more music and shows! Watch out!

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