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TiltAdmin on May 5, 2011 - 5:10 am in Featured

Kuduro Kings, Buraka Som Sistema‘s Hangover (BaBaBa) is out on June 6th on Enchufada including remixes from Tony Senghore, Swick and Oui’ Wack

Hangover (BABABA) by burakasomsistema

Video by João Pedro Moreira & Carlos Afonso

Buraka Som Sistema – Restless (Radio Edit) by burakasomsistema

These Portuguese electric beats are so contagious! You have to be dead if you aren’t feeling this vibe! I hope all you peeps out there are feeling Buraka Som Sistema as much as I. This shit it HEAVY! Some real music from the souls of Portugal. Enjoy!

The track’s maddeningly catchy ‘BaBaBa’ hook originated when the group were in Rangel ‘City’ in Luanda, Angola, visiting some of their favourite Kuduro producers including DJ Znobia. As Buraka’s Kalaf Ângelo remembers, “He played us one of his tracks featuring Nacobeta, a local MC, where he used this hook and it immediately got our attention! We then used it in some of our early shows and the crowd loved it because of its simplicity and raw energy. While working on the new album, the beat we produced with Stereotyp had that same energy so it made perfect sense to bring it back for the chorus and close the cycle.”
more info: www.buraka.tv

João Barbosa aka J-WOW elaborates on the references behind the track: “This is how we see club music and this is what we like to hear when we’re out late at night. We wanted to capture the (not so) classic kind of sing-a-long vocal club melody and smash it against the most genre-bending futuristic instrumental we could think of. It’s not House, it’s not Dubstep, it’s not Techno and it’s not even Kuduro.”

Mike Woodward

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  • May 5, 2011

    all good, bur buraka are not brazilian, or live in brazil. They’re from Portugal.

  • May 5, 2011

    Excellent review, but there’s just one thing: Buraka are PORTUGUESE, definitely not Brazilian. Please correct that. Cheers!

    Zeke Marshall
  • May 6, 2011

    Thanks for catching that guys! My bad! I was talking to my friends from brazil Database about them. I assumed durrrr…. totally my bad