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Featured Artist: Crizzly

TiltAdmin on May 10, 2011 - 6:23 am in Featured

God bless Texas & big booty bass tracks! I have found my new favorite Booty Step (Dubstep) Artist that is killllllling right now! CRIZZLY! This kid is unstoppable! GET A DOSE OF THESE BOOTY WOBBLES THEN WE CAN MOVE FORWARD! FEEL THE BASS!

Bust It Wide Open (Crizzly Remix) by Crizzly

Hard In Da Paint ((Bellizio Remix) Crizzly Edit) *CLICK BUY THIS TRACK FOR FREE DL* by Crizzly

Big Booty Bitchezz *CLICK BUY THIS TRACK FOR FREE DL* by Crizzly

Logun – Dat Ass (Crizzly Drumstep Remix) *CLICK BUY THIS TRACK FOR FREE DL* by Crizzly

Not only are these tunes catchy as hell, they bring back that same vibe the old skool Miami Bass used to have! There’s nothing like some solid big booty bass and Crizzly knocks this vibe right out the PARK! My boys at KILLPOP Records caught on and signed this kid from San Antonio so we can all expect this party to keep rockin’ proper! Be sure to keep an eye on Crizzly and if you ask nicely… we just might get him to L.A. to bring you some of his SOLID BASS! Keep dem booties shakin’ kids!

Mike Woodward

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