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Question Time With Hey Today!

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It’s time to give your ear’s a hit of Hamburg’s Hey Today! a.k.a Raik Krause & Robert Nickel. The boys will be rocking XOYO in London tomorrow with the the 80’s animated maestro Kavinsky and Ed Banger’s no.1 record spinner Feadz and Raik has been kind enough to answer some questions before hand. The pair have been gaining some serious momentum over the past 12 months, they’re deep, cascading sounds have been igniting the world’s dancefloors with quite some gusto of late, original material such as their ‘Wonderwoman’,’Strange’ and ‘Talk To Me’ EP’s have been complimented with huge remixes for Digitalism, Zombie Nation, Tiga and most recently Busy P’s ‘Procrastinator’. Their latest offering ‘Minor’ will be released on ‘Kitsune’ on June 6th and will contain a hefty remix package including Para One,Black Strobe,Abstraxion and TWR72!

HEY TODAY! Strange (Boris Dlugosch) by Boris Dlugosch

-Hey Today! What does tomorrow have in store?

>>> Tomorrow has a new record by my colleague Robert in store who has just started a new project called NICKEL which debut single seems to be released on Turbo. Cool – eh? Yeah, we both thought it is good to continue our solo career and therefore decided that I gonna proceed as Hey Today! and him as NICKEL. We are still in the studio, experiencing the fun of the machines but wanted more artistical freedom to spread out what is in our heads. Therefore it was a natural move. Watch out, we´ll have some kicking tracks for you. We both work on a remix for Black Strobe right now and Nickel started a remix for Polymorphic out on Proxy´s label Mako soon….. We will still do some gigs together here and than, probably same clubs, same festivals but different set times … who knows? 😉 We´ll play our tour together till mid June, than we split up with a tear but stay friends… Hell yeah!

For the sake of the people who’ve had their head in the sand for the last year or so, how would you describe your sound?

We are 100% folk music with distoted autotune vox. Yeah, that´s what we like… 😉 Just kidding, Busy P said once that our song “Talk To Me” is sounding like LFO Vs Herbie Hancock. So, how do we sound? Krautrock meets Folk Step? Ts ts.

On top of some outstanding original material, you’ve remixed for the likes of Busy P, Tiga, Digitalism & Empire Of The Sun, which artist would you like to do the honours for next?

Hm, hard to tell. Nickel remixing Hey Today!, Hey Today! remxing Nickel??? 😉

Tiga – You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! Remix) by Turbo Recordings

You’re playing at XOYO in London on the 28th with Kavinsky and Feadz, how does the English club scene differ from Germany’s in your opinion?

In Germany we have a huge techno scene while electronic is still a big part of the whole thing. We feel that any global cool kid has the right taste to understand what a tune is. We play them for you. 😉 Berlin f.e. is a bit deeper, minimal or disco than many other places in the world. So, the big Banger night on 28th in London will be massive that´s guaranteed.

Where’s your favourite city to play?

London for sure – you know that. Come down on the 28th! 😉

And when will the US get a slice of Hey Today!? Is there a tour on the horizon?

We´ll hit overseas a bit later as we want to finish more trax before leaving the studio for too long. So – yeah, USA more for 2012.

Your new single ‘Minor’ will soon be released on Kitsune together with a host of fine remixes from Para One, Black Strobe and Abstraxion. Is there more pressure on remixing or producing your own material?

As long as you do what you love, there is no pressure one way or the other. We stay true to ourselfs and therefore are always happy with our outcome. Hope you people can feel that, too. 😉

Busy P Procrastinator – Hey today! Remix by Annie Mac Presents

Summer is coming, which tracks do you think you’ll be spinning in the summer months?

maybe some Reggae ??? ;o)

What plans do you boys have for the rest of the year?

Work on more tunes and finish some remix promises for Marble Rec. and Black Strobe.

An easy question to finish with; What’s the best record ever made? You both get to pick ONE 😉

Hey Today!: David Bowie “The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from mars”
Nickel: “Carl Orff – O Fortuna” for the Dramatic Tension & “Curtis Mayfield – Supafly” for the easy side of life.

Thanks for your time Raik! Enjoy the night!

Feadz – The Ultimate Feat Boys Noize by thesubs-blog

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If you’re in London town tomorrow be sure to get your arse to XOYO on Old Streeet for this!

It’s the weekend, go PARTY.

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