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Short Circuit EP Release // JOYPOPP Signed To Binary

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Let me start off by saying that one of my FAVORITE labels, Binary Records, has been hard at work these past couple of weeks! If they’re involved, it’s guaranteed perfection. Short Circuit, one of the labels artists, is getting ready to release his first EP “Late Night Drive.” The EP is set to release in only a few days time; May 23rd to be exact. It is actually kind of sad how badly I am anticipating this. Not only has Short Circuit posted up his first single off the EP, he’s been kind enough to let you all download it for FREE! I guess he knows that once you listen to “How We Speak” you won’t be able to NOT buy the EP. This is one addicting track. At about 30 seconds in when the synth vocals drop, prepare for a serious eargasm. I absolutely love how much the lyrics capture my attention. Have a listen… You’ll understand EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Short Circuit – How We Speak by Binary Entertainment

And… a little something to start off my next bit news…
Joypopp – Volupte (Short Circuit Remix) by Binary Entertainment

Ah where to begin… It’s often that the name an artist, duo, or group decides upon, has NOTHING to do with their style of music or anything related to THEM. When it comes to JOYPOPP it’s the complete opposite. Alix (singer) and David (producer) have joined forces to make up the duo from France. What captured me most about their music was something that I had almost missed the first time around. Most of the songs are upbeat in tempo which makes it harder to realize how deep the lyrics are. Binary was smart to snag these two before it was too late. Keep a watchful eye out… I see JOYPOPP blowing up in the next few weeks.

Joypopp – Nostalgic by Binary Entertainment

Joypopp – Volupté by Binary Entertainment

Joypopp – Six To Six by Binary Entertainment

Joypopp – Volupte (Sferro Remix) by Binary Entertainment

Joypopp – Volupte (Night Drugs Remix) by Binary Entertainment

Joypopp – Desire by Binary Entertainment

Links made easy:
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JOYPOPP (soundcloud)

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