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The Battle for 80’s Vintage World Supremacy Teenage Bad Girl VS Com Truise

TiltAdmin on May 4, 2011 - 2:42 pm in Uncategorized

I’m totally one of these kids born in the 80’s that gets hooked on anything vintage and from my childhood era. I’ve decided to write up two up and coming and established artists who emulate the OG 80’s style. This shit is coming right out of their pours.

Up first we have french men Greg Kazubski & Guillaume Manbell the duo who are Teenage Bad Girl. The two have been making some major headway since 2009 and will be coming out with an incredible new album June 6th 2011! We have a little preview and FULL MUSIC VIDEO FOR YOU! Check out the goods below. You can’t deny the fucken greatness!

Keep up with You (Original Mix) by teenagebadgirl

Keep up with You (EP Teaser) by teenagebadgirl

Tonton Funk (Original Mix) by teenagebadgirl

Teenage Bad Girl – Backwash Tracklist :

1- Fight Night
2- Keep up with you
3- The Wave
4- Black Hole (feat. Todd Fink)
5- Heart Zero Beating
6- X Girl (feat. Rye Rye)
7- Hold me tight
8- Fast Blood Delivery
9- Tonton Funk
10- Boogie Toy
11- Backwash
12- Jumping Judas (feat. Illa J)

I hope your ready for another dose of incredible 80’s sounds and visuals! Com Truise recently more famous for remixing the TRON Legacy Soundtrack Feat. Daft Punk is back with a new album / EP! Check out the new goods! Your in for a true flashback treat!

Fairlight by Com Truise

Flashback BONUS!

Ana Lola Roman – Klutch (Com Truise Remix) by Com Truise


Com Truise, “Cathode Girls”

Be sure to give Teenage Bad Girls some Love Here or on Soundcloud HERE. Also be sure to do the same for Com Truise here and on his Soundcloud HERE!

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