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Friendly Fires – Live Those Day Tonight / Hawaiian Air Videos

TiltAdmin on June 22, 2011 - 2:00 pm in Uncategorized

At the house, I’ve found myself having Friendly Fires new album PALA on repeat. Definitely a some smoothed out yet upbeat follow up to their last album. You can hear the bands progression in their music for sure. This is one group is isn’t afraid to expand their style and sound. I personally think its a great move in the right direction keeping us listeners on edge . They totally were able to keep their older sound intact all while moving the band forward with this new album. The vocals on each track are very infectious, and every lyric is very well put. We have nothing but mad love for this UK group!

Check out the two new videos out for this album! You can tell the boys have a bit of a quarky side teamed up with their sincere side

Be sure to catch the interview at the end of this video. Classic!

Friendly Fires – Live Those Days Tonight

Friendly Fires – Hawaiian Air

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Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette

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