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Mixtape Monday Westcoast Vs Eastcoast Featuring Goldroom and Ladycreme

TiltAdmin on June 20, 2011 - 9:31 pm in TiltMag Mixtape Series

Hailing from the Westcoast this well seasoned producer Josh Legg a.k.a. Goldroom brings us some fresh new music straight from the sandy beaches of Southern California. Goldroom’s sound emulates how it feels to be one of the lucky ones to feel that California sun. With a splash of sun, a splash of disco, and under-laying Electropical vibes Goldroom knows how to make it summertime around the world with his music.

Josh Legg a.k.a. Goldroom originally founded Binary with his partner Kyle Peterson. The two also started the Dreamwave supergroup NightWaves! While we are greatly anticipating the new NightWaves album coming this fall, a dose of Goldroom is a perfect way to tide over your Disco/Dreamwave/Tropical woes this summer. Just check out this heat for yourself!

Goldroom – Verano Mix 2011 by Goldroom

00:00Teams – Based Love
00:44Bison – Soup Fiction
02:11Stars – Changes (Teen Remix)
03:15Games – Strawberry Skies
05:12Zimmer – Cruisin
07:12Bogdan Irkuk – Caprice
11:01Rampi – Feel It Burn (Mario Basanov Remix)
14:42Popular People’s Front – Party Over Here (Gigamesh Rework)
18:25Burns & Fred Falke – You Stopped Loving Me (Louis La Roche Chillax Dub)
21:40Mitzi – India
25:23Ferris Cooler – Mojitochita
27:55Eddie C – We Need We
32:00Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation
36:54Goldroom – Morgan’s Bay
41:12Oliver – Walk With Me
45:00Escort – Cocaine Blues
48:59Only Children – Don’t Stop (Crazy P Remix)
53:05Disco Deviance – You Know How I Feel (Social Disco Club Edit)
55:36Chad Valley – Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel)
56:49Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Himan Version)
58:18Moullinex – Catalina
62:20Ytre Rymden Dansskola – Kahluha Madness


Goldroom – Morgan’s Bay by Goldroom

Goldroom – City Girls by Goldroom

Goldroom – Nights In Nantes by Goldroom

Ladycreme, hailing from New York rocks a different style. They are definitely on a retro 70’s/80’s vibe blended with a touch of Italio-Disco. (Check out our past review of them here) This is one of these groups that I have personally been following for over 5 years now. I have yet to hear anything from them I haven’t liked! This is one duo that knows how to rock the party right. We are proud to debut their new single Spill That and their exclusive mixtape for TILTmag Spill Your Guts! Check it out!

LadyCreme – Spill Your Guts Side A – Mixtape

LadyCreme – Spit That

Mixtape Tracklist
Ladycréme – Spill Your Guts Side A June 2011

etienne de crecy – no brain (serge santiago remix)
moullinex – meow
hypnosis – bormaz (todd terje edit)
golden bug & dakar – tekila
craig loftis – yes i’m right (power plant mix)
daniel maloso – caracol
svperfine & brioski – show biz (son of sound remix)
dmx krew – the game (dance mix)
cute heels – remember that saturday
dance disorder – future retro
ladycréme – emmy’s theme
tevo howard – foreigner
jr seaton – in your mask i see a better person
garcynoise ft. international bitch – after all (instrumental house mix)
mason ft. aqualung – little angel (rex the dog remix)
midnight savari – rimshots
ladycréme – blood & guts
photonz – trembler (discodeine mix)
zhao & matt walsh – tiger bite (click box remix)
miss kittin – all you need (gesaffelstein remix)
sei a – body of eyes (gesaffelstein violation remix)
black strobe – me & madonna (tape to tape remix)
ladytron – ace of hz (punks jump up remix)
crystal castles – baptism (punks jump up remix)
vandroid – master & slave (van she tech remix)
codebreaker – silver lining (the outrunners remix)
arnaud rebotini – twilight of gods

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