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THE HOLIDAYS Exclusive Interview!

TiltAdmin on June 10, 2011 - 5:39 pm in TiltMag Exclusives

My boys at Binary and CFCF first turned me on to The Holidays about a year ago with their song Broken Bones on their album POST PARADISE . Check out the past review here. Instantly this band broke down every indie barrier and proved to me and the world that a holiday is not just going on vacation to an exotic place. It where the music can take you. You don’t have be on vacation to enjoy this holiday.

Now that this amazing Auzzie group has been gaining some steam after touring the states and touring with Cut Copy in Australia I figured now is the time to interview one of my favorite bands. The Holidays have been on Repeat non-stop for the last six months. My lady is in love with them, and their sound has a one of a kind indie-tropical vibe. I could only wish I enjoyed indie bands as much as I enjoy these guys.

I shot the band some questions and this is what developed.

TILTmag.com: How did The Holidays get together?

The Holidays: Simon & I used to jam bad versions of bad songs when we were at school together, then we met alex at university a few years later, discovered a mutual love of music and decided to start a band. We made him buy a bass guitar and learn how to play then bumped into Andrew one night out, and being the only drummer we knew, offered him the job in our amateur band.

TILTmag.com: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you yet?
The Holidays:We are a mix between Conga Clash, Bongo Core, Electropical, Dreambeat & Island Breeze Rhythms.
TILTmag.com: Where do you get your inspiration for your songs?

The Holidays:
Andrew makes his own beats and is into Hip Hop, and the rest of us are into rhythms and grooves like Fela Kuti & 90s Madchester, as well as textural music like early Eno. We bring it all together in our own blend and with Simons vocals end up with our own Electropical, Soulful Pop

TILTmag.com: Keep it up cause we love your sound!

TILTmag.com:You recorded and produced Post Paradise yourselves. Do you think you’ll be using the same process for the next album?

The Holidays: Definitely. Its nice to have the input from an ‘outsider’ occasionally as often we lose focus and a sense of direction when you’ve been working on a song for a long time, but we love the control and limitless options and opportunities you have when you are self producing something.

TILTmag.com:Are there any movies that embody the spirit of The Holidays?

The Holidays: Back to the Future (part II if we had to choose). Its a timeless classic, a film with such a great storyline everything has tried to rip it off. I wouldn’t say we’re writing timeless music yet, but we’re trying and having fun doing it.

TILTmag.com:You were out here in LA on tour a couple of months ago. Any highlights from your trip?

The Holidays: We loved LA! We went to a Lakers vs Suns game which went into triple overtime, enjoyed some Venice Beach sunshine, some incredible tacos, and went to see Steel Panther at the House Of Blues, pretty touristy but absolutely insane!

TILTmag.com: YUP! A Lakers Game, Venice Beach, Street Tacos, and a few beers is the way to go! Great Choice! I bet your missing that California sun!

TILTmag.com:Speaking of touring, you guys are on tour even now! Any weird obsessions you’ve acquired while on the road?

The Holidays:They come and go but dave (our percussionist) and Andrew are into dyeing their peach fuzz brown at the moment.

TILTmag.com:What’s been on repeat on your iTunes lately?

The Holidays:Nine Types of Light – Tv On The Radio

TILTmag.com:Who do you dream of collaborating with someday?

The Holidays:Giorgio Moroder. An Old Italian producer who was one of the first people to really use synths and wrote some great disco tracks (love to love you baby among others)

TILTmag.com: I think Alan Palomo of Vega/Neon Indian mentioned that same producer in a convo we had last year. We would love to see that collabo go down for sure, or maybe even a Vega / Holidays Collabo!

As you all can see these guys are amazing and have a great personality and seance of humor! (Peach Fuzz!) Be sure you all support these guys, I can’t wait for them to visit the states again soon! It looks like they will be starting their new album now that they are finished with over 100 shows with their tour! We can’t wait to get a taste of what these guys are cookin! Support and BUY their album POST PARADISE HERE ON ITUNES or HERE and check out the previews below!

The Holidays – Conga by TILTmag

Moonlight Hours by The Holidays Band

Golden Sky by The Holidays Band

2 Days by The Holidays Band

Also be sure to give them some love on their Facebook! Let em know your feelin it! That Tropical Breeze…

The Holidays on Myspace

The Holidays on Twitter

The Holidays on Youtube

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