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Nadastrom interview

TiltAdmin on August 23, 2011 - 9:34 pm in TiltMag Exclusives

This last Saturday, Mad Decent held their annual Block Party in Los Angeles. Even though I had limited access I was determined to conduct an interview with Dave Nada, the creator of Moombahton. I met him in the VIP area reserved for 21 and over, and as I asked him for an interview, he replied with a smile “Yeah, let me grab a drink and I’ll come back to do this interview” and as I was waiting in doubt if he would come back, he did with a drink in hand. We went to the smoke area to conduct our interview.

Tilt: Can you tell me your favorite Color, Food, and Cartoon?
Nada: Black, Empanadas, (specifically his moms) and Adventure Time

Tilt: Can you give me three words to describe Moombahton?
 Nada: Oh wow! I would have to say Mid-Tempo Global Bass; I’m making Mid-Tempo one word.

Tilt: Electro House Helped bring everyone into the Dance Music Scene, Then everyone began branching out and separating into their own niches. Moombahton has kind of mashed potato’d all the great things about those Genres into one, and has caused a unifying effect with everyone. Did you ever expect Moombahton to do something so amazing and bring everyone together?
Nada: No, I never thought it was going to get this big and continue to grow so consistently. I’m more then happy that it has bridged people not only musically, but culturally as well. It’s allowed me to make friends allover the world, who also have nurtured Moombahton.

Tilt: Where do you see Moombahton in 5 years?
Nada: Hahaha I barely know where it’s going to be in 5 day’s.

Tilt: Any up and coming artists you want us to check out?
Nada: Yeah, check out these guy’s: Jwls, Steve Stark’s from Washington D.C.  and Boyfriend from Lithuania (as he talks a Girl sits next to us) Oh and this girl Zuzuka Poderosa!

Tilt: Where you headed to after the Mad Decent Block Party?
Nada: I’m heading to the warehouse after party, and then to Las Vegas for our Moombahton Massive.

Tilt: The Block Party was a Moombahton Massive in a way, how do you feel about the reception on West Coast and Particularly Los Angeles?
Nada: Oh man! Awesome reception on the West Coast, and the fan base keeps growing consistently.

Tilt: What Do you carry in your DJ Bag?
Nada: Just my laptop and headphones. I try to pack light.

Tilt: Anything you want to tell fans out there?
Nada: We’re barely at the tip of the iceberg for Moombahton. Expect some massive things to be released. Expect a lot of projects that are Moombahton base. If you thought 2011 was the breakout year, then expect 2012 to be the year to drive it home.

Tilt: What’s your inspiration to make music?
Nada: Life in general, I always been one to tell myself to keep a good balance and live your life. My inspiration is to go out there and tour the world. Just stepping out the box, touring, and meeting new people is what I find most inspiring.

Tilt: With whom do you want to work with in the future?
Nada: I really have worked with a lot of the people that I wanted to work with this year. I just want to work with like-minded individuals. Some of the people that I wanted to work with and had the chance to are some of the U.K. Cat’s doing it big in Europe, Just people with like-minded sounds; Just people that are pushing music to help bring a progressive and cultural movement.

Tilt:  Where do you get your music?
Nada: I’m privileged enough to be sent tunes via Sound Cloud and artist exclusives. That’s where all the gems are and where you will find amazing shit.

Tilt: Anything you want to add?
Nada: Yeah Man! Be on the lookout for El Baile Diabluma EP. Were also going to the Andes and Ecuador to shoot our video coming out this fall. Were working out here in L.A. to release music on Switch’s (Major Lazer) Dubsided Label. Oh! and getting ready for our Big Tour with Skrillex called :the Mother ship Tour. Were going all over North America.

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