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DISCOTEXAS interview

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March 2010. An email sent to a Portuguese label which I didn’t know a lot about, except that they like coconuts and that they’ve just released a couple of really cool EPs.

Sept 2011, one year and a half later, after a dozen releases, Discotexas is still more than present.
I’ve been contacted by SNR the French Blogger who recently joined TILT to do this interview, to introduce the label to those who don’t know it yet, and to dig deeper into artists’ worlds for those who already love us.
Here are my crucial questions for my fellows…



Xinobi – Japanese

You are a guitar player and a punk music fan. How did you end up making house music?

That’s true. The thing is that, secretly, in the mid 90’s I was also learning the beats from the first Super Discount album, curated by Etienne de Crecy, and from Daft Punk’s “Homework”. The first one was shown me by a philosophy teacher that would lend his CDs to his favorite students so he could get space in his room for more CDs. And I grew up my love for electronic music this way. Also, the prettiest girls were at “dance music” clubs and not at punk rock shows…

You say you don’t like sushi; how do you deal with that?

I’ve learned to like it after meeting a Brazilian girlfriend. And after going to Brazil, I kind of felt in love with sushi. Yes, Brazil, not Japan. Strange, ah?

You define yourself on your website as a DT co-king, do you have royal privileges?

No royal privileges. I share the same passion for it as the other co-kings. We’re all kings. If Dog Eat Dog would ask us “Who’s the King?”, we would say “everyone”. We’re also co-workers and co-slaves, so we punish ourselves if something goes wrong. And we love it.

What’s your best memory as a DT artist ?

There’s too much. I loved when I arrived in the Seoul airport with Moullinex and there was this guy waiting for us with a paper saying “Disco Texas”. We shaken hands and he asked “Who’s Disco and Who’s Texas?”. After this, everything became surreal. Casinos, Halloween rabbits, fancy hotels, swimming at 5 a.m and good food with great kids. L.A. and TILT was also really intense. Discotexas will, for sure, release a memories book, and L.A. will fill for itself one chapter.


Lazydisco – More Tigers (original)

Your “More Tigers” was one of the 2011 most awaited tracks, and has been played by the coolest djs around, how do you feel about that?

Humbled and surprised. The track’s actually 1 year old and it had already made rounds in dj-sets by some people I admire a lot, but with the release it all got raised a few notches. I can’t ask for much more than recognition and praise from people who inspire me, I guess. It’s a great feeling.

You call yourself “lazy”, but you made one of the best DT tracks ever, how do you explain that?

Well, I don’t know if I’ve made one of the best Discotexas tracks ever, but the name I can explain. The name just came to me when I did a few tracks that sounded rough and lazy – not necessarily in the bad sense, but in the sense that “a little sloppy” sounds delicious. It sounded like lazy disco and I decided to go with that, except without the spacing – Lazydisco.

What’s the deal with tigers? At some point, can we expect a track about cougars or whatever?

It’s actually a personal homage to someone special. As such I don’t think there’s going to be a track about cougars, but I’m most certainly not done with the animal kingdom. Plus, tigers, what’s there not to love about them?

What are your future plans? any next release coming on?

A lot of things in the works, actually. There are quite a few tracks ready and hidden away, which will be released soonish. There’s also a few remixes coming both for releases on Discotexas and elsewhere. The road ahead is exciting 😉

How is the life in the DT team : lazy, noisy, german-speaking, great or hot ?

Hot, steamy and fun. Seriously, these are some of my best friends and funniest people I know. The one thing that irks me about it is that I don’t get to hang out with them every day – but it does make it more exciting when we all get together. But then, who’d want to hang out with the other dudes all day – they smell funny. Nah, they’re great. They don’t smell at all. Really. Totally true. Honest.

Count Jackula

Jackula – Slowburner (Hemingway’s Afterburner Mix)

There’s nothing about you on the internet, except a tumblr (http://countjackula.tumblr.com/) about a make-up artist doing hardcore stuff…: are you, in any way, related to that?

I didn’t know the guy. someone took my facebook page down, so i guess it was him. i’ll put a curse on him one of these days.

Your music and specially your production sound reminds me of some portuguese dude doing music on a german label. why are you copying him instead of doing your own stuff? aren’t you afraid of lawsuits?

He’s the copycat, I’ve been around for 3 centuries.

Which part of artist life do you prefer : Studio work or worldwide touring ?

Sleeping. a lot. worldwide touring is cool because of the fresh new blood from exotic places

How do you feel in the DT team ?

It’s cool because they only work at night, like me.

Justin Faust

Justin Faust – Girl Talk

You reached the Beatport Top 10 with your latest DT release, how do feel about that ?

I’m amazed! I think it’s a huge success for me and the label, it not only shows that people dig the music, but also, that a good teamwork between artist, label, promoters and bloggers/press is crucial for success these days.

While some portuguese guys are signed on german labels, you took the other way around: how do you like it in the end?

Oh I don’t think of DISCOTEXAS as a specifically Portuguese label … because they’re not. Their approach is far more global than that. And in the end, it doesn’t really matter where they are stationed, as long as the right people do the right job.

It seems you know Mike, the TILTMAG.com boss. Is he a real or a fake and talkative expert about electro-music ? Please choose the first one because he will broadcast this interview.

Oh, he’s definitely not real. I suspect he’s controlled by a bunch of robots from the Far East. Others claim he’s just a figment of imagination.

Tell me what’s your 3 favorite French artists.

Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe, Breakbot.


Coupons – Driving to your House Party

You guys come from Australia, one of the greatest nation concerning indie dance music at the moment… why signing on a European label then?

One tactic we initially employed to gain attention was to only send emails in Portuguese. Consequently we were turned down by the vast majority of labels, and with good reason. Our ploy was, at best, idiotic.

You drove to my house party, what happened then? Was it worth it?

We turned up late dressed as 18th century sea captains. You showed us your motorcycle collection and vomited on our plus one. Stuart inadvertently harpooned a lampshade, and Brent passed the time captioning the mundane household activities performed by your cat. We rated the evening 9/10, mostly because we enjoyed the goodie bags.

What are your future plans?

Hopefully by year’s end we would have been the first band to record an album in its entirety whilst hang gliding.

Hugo (Mr Mitsuhirato) – Label Manager

DT hit so strong this summer ! Did you expect such a quick and massive rise for your label ?

We’ve been working on these tracks many times and trusted them so much that we wanted them to be big. Of course its always a surprise when your wishes become a reality. Its a team work and I’m proud of what we achieved, but we won’t rest on this. There’s far too many things to do and great releases to be come!

What do you plan for the next DT steps : label tour, new artists, digital release, a lazy retirement in a hidden place in Portugal ?

From September onwards we have a crazy release schedule of two awesome releases per month. Between digital and vinyl we’ll release Kamp!, Philosophy of Sound, Mirror People, Zimmer, Douze, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver, volume 2 of our “Forbidden Cuts” series and MAYBE some more. Remixes for these tracks will come from such great producers like Social Disco Club, JBAG (featuring Jerry Bouthier), Moullinex, Munk, Severino (Horse Meat Disco), Justin Faust, Ilya Santana, Xinobi, Mustang… So you see, a LOT of work and a LOT of music is coming! Anyway, I’m a workaholic, can’t help it! But once in a while i like to vanish from the face of the earth…

Any funny story about one of your label-mates ?

Plenty, but i guess the one i like the most is that they keep forgetting i don’t have Skype! All of of them, no exception! Ahha

What do you think about Soundcloud, revolution for the internet music industry or future-less platform ?

I love it and its a great promotional tool. People can listen to the whole songs and if they like it they can buy the track on the spot. Also its great to spread free music. I’d say it will stay with us for some time if it keeps evolving and provides the best service to producers and labels.


Douze – Les Paradis Artificiels

[From Coupons] You’ve worked with Kris Menace and Alan Braxe, who would make a better co-pilot in a jet-fighter type situation?

Kris Menace is the only human being I’ve seen capable of Tweeting and eating a Whooper while driving 210km/hour on German highways, so I think he’d be perfect for the job!

[From Coupons] What were your last five search engine entries, and keep it safe for work. No creepy “Bear dressed as madonna” type things.

“interview for dummies”
“xinobi” + “sextape”
“how to delete a google+ account”
“lolcats that i can retweet”
“is skippy still alive?”

[From Coupons] What liquor of choice should I have on hand for our next super-awesome-pool-party?

Only Get 27 for me, please.

[From Xinobi] Douze, who saved you last night?

A lawyer… with a cape.

[From Hugo] How do you feel more comfortable, to write dance tracks or non-danceble tracks?

I definitely find it easier to do non-danceable tracks, as there are no rules, when you have to stick to a 4/4 beat with dance music.

[From SNR] Douze can you tell us about the different projects you are working on now ?

I have a couple of releases coming before the end of the year: an EP on Discotexas, which is almost ready, 2 new tracks on Work It Baby, some oldschool tunes on the French new label Hold Youth, and a couple of new EPs we’re finalizing at the moment with Kris Menace…

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