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Dubstep Snowman // Fear Of Tigers – Hidup

TiltAdmin on December 16, 2011 - 5:00 pm in Uncategorized

Dubstep Snowman

What! It’s a tradition! Gotta love it!

We also have a holiday treat from Fear Of Tigers! These penguins to Fear of Tiger’s synthwork and winter vibes makes it perfect for the holidays! Try not to cry watching these buggers fight the cold.

Fear Of Tigers – Hidup

Video Lyrics Translation:


Besides a beautiful beach
I sat alone
The atmosphere
Is quiet

I remembered you at night
I always imagined your face
To you
My love…

I mourn and I beg
To the goddess of my heart
I did not forget my promise
At a time when we first met
Living together
With you…
Budi Santosa (1852-1910) Java, Indonesia

Perpisahan bukan berarti
Akhir dari segalanya
Ini adalah sebuah awal
Dimana ujian kehidupan diujikan
Dapatkah kita lewati?
Dengan iklas, sabar dan akan menuai buah…
Atau harus menyerah dan kalah

Keep a look out for a new 8-bit Christmas special from TILTmag and the new Dubstep Santa 3!

Happy Holidays!
Mike Woodward

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