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Happy Friday // Seasons Greetings

TiltAdmin on December 16, 2011 - 3:01 pm in Uncategorized

To quote an old classic, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” with all the wet and snowy weather all across So Cal and with the Holiday shopping season in full swing it can be a bit hectic and even a little dangerous when you’re on the roads and in the stores. So from me to you, have a safe, dry and warm Holiday with your friends and loved ones.

Now let’s get down to the DUHTY Business. We have a few treats for you that will keep your BTU’s up in this winter weather, first up:

Skrillex just released his new track “Breathe”, a nice chill vibe for this time of year, it’s perfect for couples staring at the fire and listening to the storm on the other side of the glass.

Unfortunately there were some copyright issues with the track, and all copies have been removed from Soundcloud within the last few hours, sorry folks.

Next up is The Bloody Beetroots, who you can see at Together As One NYE, with their new single “church of noise” feat. Dennis Lyxzen of the now famously disbanded Swedish punk band Refused. The new single has already spawned a couple amazing remixes by some class acts, including Diplo and Congorock and an extraordinary B-Side that for me is a must have and a promising start to some even more amazing remixes without further verbal delay, here is Church Of Noise.

The Bloody Beetroots – Church of Noise (feat. Dennis Lxyzén)

The Bloody Beetroots – Church of Noise ( B-SIDE )

Bloody Beetroots – Church of Noise (dIplo remix)

The Bloody Beetroots feat. Dennis Lyxzén – Church of Noise (Congorock Remix)

So I’m guessing that Congorock‘s remix was returning the love for The Bloody Beetroots remixing their new single “Ivory”, whatever the reason, we couldn’t be happier for the amazing music that is coming out all over the world right now, just remember that we started in friends basements and houses at backyard Dj parties, in abandoned warehouses and in the middle of nowhere following clues for miles til we happened open a clearing full of faces and bass. Today Electronic music is everywhere and in everything……It would seem Slim Shady misspoke, EVERYONE LISTENS TO TECHNO!


CONGOROCK “Ivory” The Bloody Beetroots Remix

Happy Holidays and a Safe New Year. Enjoi,
Eye B Bangin a.k.a. A Pimp Named Santa

P.S. Here’s your stalking stuffer 😉

How Come You Never Go There (Beck Remix)

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