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Pat Lok – No Shame + Remixes from Bit Funk & Goldroom

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Oh CANADA! How we love the great music that comes from thee! Vancouver Canada’s own Pat Lok has dropped a huge release! Coming with a crispy clean disco / dance sound you can expect this rising artist to take the world and dancefloors by storm. Her first EP “No Shame” was just released on French label On The Fruit Records and has some incredible remixes from our favorites Goldroom and Bit Funk. Both bring a totally different sound but both knock out HUGE EPIC tracks! Check these out!

Pat Lok – No Shame (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

Pat Lok – Yes Game (Bit Funk remix) by Pat Lok

Be sure to check out and support Pat Lok HERE on Facebook. Also be sure to check out and purchase the new EP HERE! One more for the road!

Pat Lok – Yes Game by Pat Lok

Debut NO SHAME EP with remixes from Bit Funk | Goldroom | Volta Bureau | OHYEAH (official)

What people are saying:

Phantom’s Revenge – “Mad cool, love No Shame original”
Jeremy Glenn – “Dope release all round! Playing these for sure”
Plastic Plates – “Great stuff… will play this out in NYC!”
Xinobi – “Really nice EP! Loving the originals, Bit Funk’s and especially the freakazoid by Volta Bureau”
Cassian – “I’m vibing on the two originals and the Bit Funk remix”
The C90s – “really liking No Shame and the bang0r volta bureau remix….. tasty stuff!”
The Cosmonauts – “We’ll be dropping this at Ministry of Sound”

DJ support from: The C90s, Xinobi, Cassian, Plastic Plates, Jeremy Glenn, Mighty Mouse, Will Eastman, The Cosmonauts @ Ministry of Sound, Edwin van Cleef, Pelifics, Steve Starks, Geisha Twins, Kamei, Attack Yourself! and Kiss FM Australia

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