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Big Freedia on LA, the new and upcoming album and life as a Queen Diva.

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TILT LA – Desiree: Music has been a big part of your life and you were involved in a chruch gospel group when you were younger and all during high school. I was curious to know what kind of music you grew up to? Who did you Idolize?
Big Freedia: Well, growing up in my house I listened to it all. The Show Boys, Patti Labelle, Michael Jackson and Freddie Jackson. You know growing up as a kid you mom listens to different music. You know all those people were an inspiration and still I look up to them now. I’m also into Beyonce and Lady Gaga, but as a kid I grew up listening to it all. My mom and dad would put on different music and I would have my own music I liked. It would be a lot of Gospel. Then I would have my New Orleans House music. When I really learned a lot about House music. I would play it at home or be at the hall shaking my ass as a kid.
TILT LA – Desiree: Did you have a nice collection of vinyls?
Big Freedia: No, my mom and auntie had a collection since they were more popular back then. We still have a collection from my aunt who passed away. Just crates of records and sometimes I’ll pull them and listen to them where she use to. As for me I had a nice collection of cassettes.(Laughs)
TILT LA – Desiree: Nice, I’m building my own collection. I also know you started as a back up singer for your friend Katey Red. Did she encourage you to start making Bounce music or did you want to go a different route?
Big Freedia: She inspired me to get behind her even more when we talk about it. You know two heads are better than one so we just became a team and also started our solo act at the same time on the side. We just kept going and going.

TILT LA – Desiree: Do you guys still perform as a dynamic duo?
Big Freedia: Yeah, definitely, were best friends. We were best friends before the music so we definitely still tear the club up together.
TILT LA – Desiree: Where do you think Bounce music is headed? I hear a lot of 90’s hip hop influence and some 80’s freestyle in the mix.
Big Freedia: It all similar because it’s mixed with 80s rap and it does have that 90’s Hip Hop feel. It reminds me of the Baltimore club music scene or something. Heavy bass, lots of boom. Bounce music is off tempo with heavy bass. Its called call and response music. That’s how we rock it.
TILT LA – Desiree: Awesome, Tell me about your creative process. Do you have a studio? How do you come up with the beats and the lyrics?
Big Freedia: When I’m in my hotel room or on the road. Most the time I like to get in the zone at my studio. Jeff puts me on and I just go off the top of my head. Sometimes I come home freestyling at the club or watching others do their thing. There’s all kinds of ways I do it.
TILT LA – Desiree: What are some of the things that you just can’t leave behind when your on tour? Like whether it’s material things or your friends?
Big Freedia: I have to have my dancers and my DJ with me,that’s what completes Big Freedia entertainment. You know at times I do need to be a one man army, but most the time I have my dancers.

TILT LA – Desiree: You were the lead role in a successful play about Bounce music called Catch Step Beat in 2009. Do you have any plans to tour with them in the near future?
Big Freedia: We did do a little touring with that. If it becomes a bigger production, I’ll definitely want to be a part of it. It has a lot that reminds me of my childhood so its a great experience.
TILT LA – Desiree: That would be amazing. As of late how is the recording process going? When should we expect your full length album to come out?
Big Freedia: Its coming real soon. I’m in the process of working on it. We actually have to finish about five more songs so we have enough to make a selection for the album. I’m really excited about that. We also just did a new photo shoot and working on a reality show for MTV. A lot of big things are happening for me and again I’m very happy to be a part of all this and going forward.

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