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Metalheadz 100th Release – Goldie – Freedom Feat. Natalie Duncan

TiltAdmin on February 16, 2012 - 12:28 am in Uncategorized

I, Mike Woodward have been a long time supporter for almost 15 years of the Jungle/Drum N Bass, Metalheadz Record Label and just like my close friends have been there threw thick and thin. With artists such as Photek, Dillinja, Adam F, Grooverider, Doc Scott, Peshay, Alex Reece, Wax Doctor, Source Direct, J Majik, Lemon D, Hidden Agenda, Ed Rush and Optical contributing major productions to the imprint. Goldie’s label has continuously dropped many great hits, anthems and music to live by. A soundtrack to life and the boys from the label always drop amazing live sets when they come stateside.

I personally have many vinyl cuts as well as many of my close DJ’s. Forever classic jams that have rocked the universe propa!

Goldie is now on his 100th release and has dropped an amazing new tune for this very special occasion and mile marker. I wouldn’t expect less. Many of the new releases have really come full circle with reminiscent sounds of great earlier Metalheadz Drum N Bass release. Turn these up LOUD and ride out the basslines.

Released by: Metalheadz
Release/catalogue number: Meth100
Release date: Apr 2, 2012
ISRC: GB-BHF-12-30463


Mike Woodward

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