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Usher – Climax (Prod. By Diplo) + Vaski Remix!

TiltAdmin on February 27, 2012 - 11:02 pm in Uncategorized

As Diplo‘s beats progress, the Hip-Hop and R&B community get more and more hungry for it! Usher is the latest to work with Diplo and they have created an amazing hit! Diplo at the moment is on fire with multiple releases that are all blowing up at once. It’s huge for the man who has really changed the music scene forever. As his underground music got more popular, the main stream realized that their beats were lacking that new sound that only Diplo could provide. Great part is, Diplo stayed on track, not letting the money game or the fame change his style much. Music needed a well rounded gentleman who came with a worldly-ness and an open mind to art and world music to provide. Thank god it was Diplo. Keep coming strong my friend.

Mike Woodward

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