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Rusko New Album SONGS // Skanker

TiltAdmin on March 29, 2012 - 6:33 am in Uncategorized

The new Rusko album Songs has exceeded all expectations of a great Dubstep album. He has taken the genre on the right route. An ever lasting journey of original Jungle sounds and Rasta vibes that bring back the old skool feelin in any bad bowy! Not only did Rusko flex his Junglist side to the fullest he also explores the more pop sound of heavy Dubstep with a touch of fresh Funk and lady vocals that get any hot young lady worked up.

Hands down this is my favorite Dubstep album of the year with 12th Planet and Flinch tied for 2nd place. Rusko has really stepped up his game and has come strong with his Sophomore album. He keep us all wanting more! I really can’t wait to hear these SONGS live at the Palladium in L.A…. June 1st 2012 Bassrush Presents Rusko and he will be performing with LEGEND Andy C!!!!

Get pumped and be ready! Download the album NOW!

Download Rusko’s Brand New Album SONGS Out Now!
SONGS on Beatport http://bit.ly/SONGSBeatport
SONGS on Itunes (US) http://bit.ly/SONGSUS
SONGS on Itunes (UK) http://bit.ly/SONGSUK
SONGS CD + T-shirt http://bit.ly/GSwUfO
SONGS 2xLP vinyl + T-shirt http://bit.ly/GRrLAM

Rusko’s new album “Songs”, featuring his hit single “Somebody To Love”, is now available on iTunes! Physical CDs will be in stores tomorrow, same for Beatport, and the big double vinyl is close behind. Check out the bundle pack for the CD and 2xLP that includes an exclusive “Wake The Fuck Up” T-Shirt!

I think what I like most about it is that it isn’t just an extension of O.M.G. It seems to stand as a new set of musical ideas. I also like that it doesn’t bow to the conventions of modern dubstep. You never hear a reverse crash before the snare and only on a couple of tracks are the snares drowned in reverb. When it comes to the bass, Rusko doesn’t just stay mostly around the supersub 30khz range but lays down some strong and very musical midbass. It would seem that Rusko is definitely not cut from the same cloth as cutting edge guys like Datsik, Excision, Doctor P and Flux Pavillion but he seems to be making his own path and I can’t wait to hear what he does next.

Mike Woodward & Bobby Bustle

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