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Snoop Dogg TEKNO EURO MIXX /// D’Anconia

TiltAdmin on March 19, 2012 - 10:10 pm in Uncategorized
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DJ SNOOPADELIC AKA BIG Snoop Dogg has always been ahead of the game and I have to say we at TILTmag are pretty excited to see him perform with DRE at Coachella this year. BUT! We are even more excited that Snoop has dropped a Tekno Euro Mixx that features our kind of music. He really is a Disco/House/Funk music lover and flexes hard with tracks from Crazy P, Tensnake, Prins Thomas, Kasper Bjorke, The KDMS, Genius Of Time, 6th Borough Project, and more! I have an elevated respect for this true ganagsta. He knows how to impress dance music lovers and we hope that he would incorporate these amazing sounds with his flows soon! We smell a Snoop Dogg Crazy P collabo with a Tensnake Remix commin!! Shit would be EPIC! Keep these Tekno Euro Mixx’s coming Snoop! We look forward to VOL 2!

Up next we have D’ANCONIA an up and coming producer from Los Angeles. He has a very crispy clean sound to his production. He mashes glitchy vocals and samples with his own spin on the Hard Big Room, Zedd // Dada Life, sound but takes it to another level. There is never a dull moment with D’ANCONIA‘s music, every tune will keep every person on the dancefloor pumping both hands in the air, giving it their all to keep up with the bassline. Take our word for it, this guy is going to blow up and FAST! TRUST! Here are just a few tracks to convert you from that old weak style of the past to this new style that will keep you on the move! Turn it UP! Follow D’ANCONIA on Facebook here

Daytime Disco Bonus!

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