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The Disco DROP #2! Ten New Disco Tracks You Should Know!

TiltAdmin on May 15, 2012 - 4:53 pm in Uncategorized
Photo by Mike Woodward

I find myself going down deeper into the Deep House / Disco hole of great music. Being immersed with great music and amazing summertime vibes. It’s become an addiction at this point. Constantly searching for that song that makes you feel like the summer will never end. Aren’t we all searching for the ENDLESS SUMMER. We all have had many, but one after another they just seem to keep progressively getting better over the years. For me it’s all about finding the soundtrack to the current summer, but also to bring alive the summers of the past. Keeping the vintage feel. Filter Disco does just that for me. As well as amazing house tunes that sample 90’s songs but put them in a current Disco sound. Totally vibin it. You can’t forget Tropical Disco, the progression of that sound has been evolving well and treats us all so well. Here are a few tracks that incorporate all these sounds. These are songs you should know. Seriously all these tracks will be on my new mixtape that will be dropping soon.

Enjoy these amazing tracks by PERSEUS, Zimmer, Manuel Tur, Homework, Trujillio, Colour Vision, U-Tern, Cosmic Kids, Le Youth, The Hint, Bit Funk, Chris Malinchak , Tina Turner & Duff Disco

Mike Woodward

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