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Poolside – Slow Down // Why You Wanna = PST

TiltAdmin on June 30, 2012 - 3:10 am in Uncategorized

How slow can Daytime Disco go? 82 BPM to be exact! Relax, it’s time to slow it down friends! As the great HEATWAVE of 2012 takes over the USA, it’s time to take it easy and groove to some of jams from our SF/LA friends POOLSIDE! This duo knows how to turn out some classics all while keeping the Daytime Disco dream alive. We are all going to ride this slow wave all the way through. We totally support the Daytime Disco movement to the fullest! Keep an eye on Poolside, their full album PST (Pacific Standard Time) is due out soon! July 9th 2012 to be exact! Now time for the JAMS!


Mike Woodward

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