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Hard Summer 2012

TiltAdmin on July 25, 2012 - 11:30 pm in Featured, Nightlife

We’ve been pumped for our top reason to head to the cornfields outside of Downtown LA, no it’s not walking the dog, or working on our fitness. It’s the same reason as last August and the one before and we’ve been planning to show since we left the year before after royally having our faces melted off by the best and brightest rising and shining stars in the business of electronic music and its peripheral influences. We’re talking about HARD SUMMER! Yes, yes, it’s that time already, all those other shows are only warm-up for when Summer really begins. This year HARD is back with 100% more show to sprawl over your weekend like a sexy CouchSurfer for two days packing rising stars to outright luminaries and much in between with a little something for everyone from EDM to Dubstep on the HARD and HARDER stages to a some personal favorites on the Discotheque stage of the likes of James Murphy, Dirty Bird’s Claude Von Stroke and Justin Martin Bootsy Collins! Weeks before the show excitement for what could be of next HARD with Live Nation, one of the most successful promoters acquires it and keeps Gary Richards (Destructo) on to keep running the show and making the deals that keep us flocking back.

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