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2DEEP Presents: Muevelo EP

TiltAdmin on September 29, 2012 - 4:27 am in Uncategorized
The boys at Muevelo brought us some fire. Moombahton has slowly declined in the recent months, but with the Muevelo Parties and this recent compilation, you would have never known. Keeping it true, 2Deep, BabySteps, DJR, and more have released a special Moombahton compilation to celebrate their 1 year anniversary monthly party. Muevelo is definitely one of thew few places in California to find some amazing moombahton. 

If you ever wanted a glimpse into Dave Nada playing at his cousins party, This is a good feel of how it went down. The track transports you to a latino party mixed with Dutch House, Reggaeton beat, and vocals.

Babysteps is one of my favorite Moombahton producers and heres the evidence. He produces this jumpy beat and samples that match the hype. A Banger track good for any DJ in his arsenal.

This track is fire! and brings up the hype like never before. Moombahcore style track, but done intelligently that it isnt overwhelming. Synths and the call and response get you and anyone hyped up!

Get The Full EP [HERE]

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