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BONDAX – Baby I Got That // It’s You

TiltAdmin on September 20, 2012 - 11:48 pm in Uncategorized

It’s been a minute since I’ve heard something outside of French Express or DISCOTEXAS that has been as compelling as BONDAX! These guys have it down! That smoothed out beach vibe that just can’t be touched. This tune matched with this incredibly SEXY video makes this tune IMPOSSIBLE TO HATE! This tropical shit has my head spinning! All I want is MORE MORE MORE! I just reminds me of every beach trip and just straight up good times! You can’t touch this VIBE! Turn this one up!

I can definately see these boys on the French Express or DISCOTEXAS label. I hope they pick them up soon! This duo is making some huge moves!

Be sure to check out the B side of this single. Talk about chill out poolside…. this is just the tune to do that to. This tune might even get you out your seat and dancing. Daytime Tropical Disco Por Vida!

We even got you a little mixtape from the boys for your weekend! Get it while its HOT!

Mike Woodward

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