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Neo Fresco Debut EP

TiltAdmin on September 7, 2012 - 7:06 pm in Uncategorized
Neo Fresco formerly known as The Kid has just released his self titled EP debut. The EP is massive and has Neo Fresco’s take on Trap and Techno. Really combining both elements to create some next level tunes. So lets check out the tunage!

One of my favorite tunes off the new EP. We hear sounds that remind you of videogames and then it drops to a Trap style beat with playful synth sounds and properly placed call and response vocals. Overall the song is a solid production that gives you the vibe of your favorite Nintendo Track getting trapped out.

This Next track is a Techno Vibe type of tune. Amazing synths that pop in and out to make this song amazing, and an awesome bass synth just so delicately placed. Perfect for the club or as your crusing in your car and want to feel like a badass. This track has you feeling like your Ryan Gosling in “DRIVE” and speeding away from cops.

Here’s the Neo Fresco take on the Boys Noize and Erol Alkan- Death Suite. Yes, trapped out and made ten times harder. This remix brings a fresh unique take on the original. Enlisting the support of Korova, they smashed this track. I personally enjoy the synths the most and the fresh Beat all add to it being a great Remix.

If your in the Los Angeles area and want to catch Neo Freso live! then Sept. 20th is your lucky day! More info click Here

Remember to pick up the Neo Fresco EP: HERE!
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