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SUMMER GEMS – GRIMES x E∆SY GIRL // Ultraísta x Four Tet // LOL Boys x Shlohmo

TiltAdmin on September 11, 2012 - 8:35 pm in Uncategorized

As we get deeper into the the end of Summer a few select and very special tunes have emerged from the heat and pressure of a music landscape. Some would call these gem’s we call these tunes pure DIAMONDS! These 3 handpicked Originals x Remixes have a very unusual sound but somehow it is very pleasing to the ear and has a very attractive vibe. It helps when you have a sexy woman vocalist singing her heart out. Basically when we think we have heard it all, and dance music has done it’s deed, EDM keeps moving forward and defining a new generation of great sounds that are bound to go Pop. It will resonate with more then just the underground, but will create new soundscapes for the masses that are begging for a savior from the old worn out tunes of Pop Radio. Time for the class of 2013 to take the stage a bit early this year to shake things up a bit.

Grimes, has a sexy amazing voice with new ideas and concepts that rock the spirit to the core. I’m totally diggin the new Genesis Single and Video but we found a remix by E∆SY GIRL that totally elevates the sound even MORE and switches it up a bit! I didn’t even think it was possible but we def know Grimes will win people over and hope to see her at Coachella next year! The retro-art matched with her angelic voice will keep this tune playing over and over in your head. Download it now!

Ultraísta has a sound that you would get if you mixed Sia, Zero 7, and Radiohead and put them in a blender. I totally love the Afro-Beat//EDM sound, and with amazing soothing vocals from lead singer Laura Bettinson this band will truly steal your heart. She also has a solo project called FEMME be sure to check that out for sure. This group will surely reach Pop levels with help from producer Nigel Godrich (Radiohead/Beck/Paul McCartney) and drummer Joey Waronker (REM/Beck/Smashing Pumpkins). This band is about to jump on the scene! Can’t wait to get a chance to see them live in L.A.! Be sure to give them some love!

LOL Boys…. We love you so, why did you have to go and break up on us! Pretty bummed about the breakup here at TILT but we understand you gotta do what you gotta do. We are pleased to hear Jerome LOL will still be producing and dropping some new production on us. Can we get a Jerome LOL x Cosmic Kids Collabo! Por Favor!

So here is a few words from Jerome himself on everything.

Well I have to say we are pretty excited to hear the “Changes” remix from CFCF and will def keep everyone posted on that for sure! Until then enjoy this new mix from Jerome LOL. Something to last you till the end of summer. You know how we do!

Mike Woodward

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