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Boogie Howser X TILTmag Mixtape Monday #35

TiltAdmin on October 22, 2012 - 6:35 pm in TiltMag Mixtape Series

Boogie Howser TILTmag Mix #35
To be played LOUD!

Aardvarck- Water
Asusu- Effigy
Boogie Howser- Urban 50-50
Untold- Dante
Raffertie- 7th Dimension
Boogie Howser- Carina Explore
TRG- Feel For You
Dro Carey- Motorvibe
Boogie Howser- Reminisce Pandia
T-Polar- Hot Butter Interlude
Boogie Howser- Airborn
VVV- Vertigo & Flames
Synkro- Memories of Love

This Mixtape Monday Features a very special 21 year old artist from Stony Plain // Ottawa Canada Boogie Howser. This young producer started making music the day he got his laptop in 2009 and never looked back. Bringing a new style and genre, what I call Cult-Trap // Bass R&B Music Boogie Howser flexes what happens to music when you have multiple influences like between Garage, House, and Hiphop tempos.

Key elements present in his tunes are samples of old R&B tracks, more often than not swung percussion, and smoothed-out progressions taking cues from jazz and bass music. Also, Boogie Howser has collaborated with a pop singer from Edmonton, Jinting Zhao and we’ve done a couple straight Pop & R&B songs that turned out nicely. More to come soon!

TILTMAG asked Boogie:
“Who are some of your influences and current favorite producers?”

Boogie Howser:
“My main influences are 90’s R&B artists, the LA beat scene, Bass music, UK garage. A producer i’m digging lately is Nocow, a Bass music producer from Russia, who recently released an EP on my friend in Montreal’s label, Inifinite Machine. Another guy, Lil’ Jabba, is making the most original footwork/juke I’ve ever heard. The new Jameszoo ep is unreal as well, he’s taking his tunes to a new level of weird and making a style of trap music virtually untouched by anyone.

This tune is a MUST! 


We can’t wait what the future holds for Boogie Howser and his new sounds! This very interesting style of almost undefinable music has a long way to go. Some call it Trap, some call it Bass Music, we call it FOREVER ILL! Be sure you have a solid Sub-woofer and a system to play these tracks on and be ready for some HEAVY BASS!

Mike Woodward

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