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CORAL CASTLE – Debut & New Remix! // TILTmag Exclusive!

TiltAdmin on October 30, 2012 - 12:08 am in TiltMag Exclusives

TILTMAG EXCLUSIVE DEBUT! CORAL CASTLE! Here’s a sexy beat lurking from the depths of the Tropical Disco music islands. It hasn’t even been discovered by The Magician or Goldroom YET, so you may be one of the first to witness this new tropical mysterious musical being. It’s Coral Castle planting itself on the surface to bring you something warm and soothing to the toes of your feet.  Zimmer has already snatched it up and says he, “Loves the Vibe!”.  So don’t miss out on this mini tropical music vacation and grab it while it’s rare. But don’t worry, more tropical disco releases will be coming from them soon. Long live tropical disco!

-The Goddess

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