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Fresh Friday

TiltAdmin on October 19, 2012 - 7:19 am in Uncategorized

This installment of Fresh Friday includes some tunes ranging from Deep House, Trap, Pawnstep, and beautiful Moombahton. Some of the best finds from around the web. Here you go!

You think, “Omg another Riverside Remix, I thought 2010 was over,” and then you listen to this track and say “I fucks with this” It has an awesome trap take to the original with samples of old neo geo games in the mix. Awesome and fun, and the beat rocks and hypes you up. Giving rebirth to this track.

It’s that Futurist trap sound. If you can feel the beat, then this is for you. A heavy vocal sample, with extreme kicks, and the percussions are amazingly and always changing. Awesome woofer popper and track for the kids to get hype too.

Calcat is a native Angeleno and friend of Tilt. He continues to deliver that special LA sound and bringing you those classic House Vibes. This is an instant classic that you need in your sets and ipod. The House drum patterns we all love, sensitive and intelligent samples, and note that the synths bring that deep vibe.

One day these guys will be playing at EDC or Nocturnal. I am straight serious. They continue to produce this heavy Electro Dubstep infused sound they created called Pawnstep. This track has awesome basslines, heavy percussions, beautiful melodies, and beautiful vocals that leave you in a trance by her voice. Always top quality tracks released by the mysterious 0sm. Soon we will get to know them in an upcoming interview. So keep your eyes peeled for that and some fresh new tunes.

Ryan Marks has recently released his EP, which feature great remixes from etc etc, to even the talented upstart D!RTY AUD!O. D!rty Aud!o continues to amaze with this Moombah classic right here. Dutchy synths, basslines, and deep voice samples. This track can wake up any crowd and keep the party going. Awesome tune. Keep an eye for more releases by D!rty Aud!o

Deep House Vibes and Deep Vocals. I feel like chillin at the pool and groovin to this. bouncy percussions, deep, and smooth melodies. This is a must in your house music libraries. Sure to enjoy and remember. In House Music WE Trust.


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