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Gladiator -Show Time EP

TiltAdmin on October 18, 2012 - 11:19 pm in Uncategorized

Los Angeles’ very own gLAdiator has just releaed their latest EP Showtime. Filled with all sorts of amazing trap. Sampling everything Feral is kinky to Bun B. Making some awesome tunes, and still not stopping. If Chicago has Flosstradamus, then Los Angeles has gLAdiator.

Sampling Bun B, using complex drum patterns, and awesome mid range synths. It’s like they turned a dutch synth and made it trippy. The Bun B sample is well used and done properly.

Scaley is similar in style to Jello, but with a more bouncier vibe to it. A track to get the crowd hyped up and moving.

If you want to see a crowd cooking, then this is the track to make it happen. So much going on, but it all works. Then the track midway settles down, and you hear bitch slap, and get even more buck. Plus there is a special sample of Rick Ross. Trap Banger.


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