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Kitsuné and Diese

TiltAdmin on October 16, 2012 - 12:42 pm in Uncategorized

is about to announce its forthcoming early-winter Tour in the US . Guess what, they’ll stop over in California and many other places. They always fly back w/ a lot of new projects and collaboration in luggages, so stay tuned.

Among them will tour Gigamesh who recently released this classic reedit :

And don’t miss the latest Maison Kitsuné:

And I would also like to introduce my blog fellow Diese who is still leading what we define over here (in France) as a Quality Music Defender.

He’s a good Remixer

And a good blogger who let me discover this very good pool-side track :

I would also like to add a good remix of the next James Bond OST done by Theatre Of Delays

Hope you’ve found some good tracks to listen to.
All the best.


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  • November 19, 2012

    THIS ADELE REMIX HOW CAN I GET IT?!?! I NEED IT ON MY IPOD!! FULL ACCESS!!! texsora@gmail.com if you can. i know i might be opening up my email for craziness but… ^^!!! so good